How often do you take the time to breathe deeply, close your eyes, use your senses and just enjoy life? Just “being” instead of “doing”. Chances are your answer is “all too rarely.” In our busy everyday lives where obligations, work, hobbies and an active social life are juggled at an ever more hectic pace, it is very easy to lose sight of what really matters. The things that really mean something when it comes right down to it. Time for family, contact with nature, time to eat healthy and tasty food along with your nearest and dearest. Quiet time for contemplation. A wild struggle with the wind and waves on a surfboard which sets the pulse racing and the heart pumping. Tender midnight hours under an apple tree with someone you love. Time to watch your children play and grow up. These values formed the basis for us when we started ChillNorway in 2004. We, two sisters wanted to create our own everyday life together. With our clothes, we wanted to promote a healthy and natural ideal for women, far removed from the merciless, stick-thin yardstick of the catwalk. And there was a husband who took a chance on us and jumped off the career carousel to build up what has become a family business today with fertile roots stretching far beyond Norway’s borders.

ChillNorway became the name for women and children, who want to live, love and enjoy life with no boundaries. In soft, natural materials and in designs that unite the practical with the beautiful. Chill Living is the message behind the clothes. It is about finding the time for the small things in life. It is about daring to reject the things that don’t mean anything.

Our goal is not to grow too big, but to create something that means something. ChillNorway is currently represented in 10 countries and has 250 dealers. We will now continue to give 100 per cent quality to those who are a part of our world and enjoy life at the same time while continuing to do what we love best: design clothes that are good to live in. We hope the collection inspires you to discover your own way to Chill Living


Nanna, Line og Thomas

The founding  sisters, Nanna and Line, with Lines husband and co-founder, Thomas